Black & White Collection

Black & White Collection

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Key attributes: Capture One raw processing has been highly regarded for black & white conversion by many renowned photographers. This particular set of filters makes use of this quality by offering some really unique black & white looks that stand out as compared to conventional filters. The looks retain the natural character of the photograph taken and can be applied to many scenarios ranging from people to landscape shots. 

Effect strength: strong (+++)

Styles: 10


  • Shades of Grey *
  • Black Soul *
  • Piano Ballad
  • Clean Slate
  • White Tiger *
  • Howl at the Moon *
  • Black Tie Etiquette
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • White Crest
  • Silhouette Play *

*Part of the Light Bundle and Pro Bundle

All Filters of this collection are part of the Ultimate Bundle

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